Keansburg Construction Guidelines

The Borough of Keansburg is committed to improving the quality of life for all our residents. Property maintenance and housing regulations will accomplish this goal for the benefit of all. As a landlord in our community you should be aware of your responsibilities to the community and to your tenants. The following guidelines will outline your responsibilities as a landlord.

All units that are not occupied by the owners, even if vacant, listed for sale or bank owned, are required to be registered each year and must pay a licensing fee of $250 per unit. There is an adjusted fee depending on if you own 10 or more units and/or you reside in the Borough of Keansburg. If the payment is not received by March 1 it is considered delinquent and a late fee of $100 is added.

All occupied units must have a current Certificate of Occupancy. NO ONE ISPERMITTED TO OCCUPY A UNIT WITHOUT FIRST OBTAINING ACERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY. The current fee for a certificate is $110and an inspection is required. You must allow time for this process. If you are in a hurry expedited inspections can be scheduled for additional fees. This fee is only required once each time the occupancy changes.

State law requires all landlords of one and two units to fill out a Landlord Identity Registration Form. Give one copy to your tenant and file one copy with the Borough Clerk.

All properties are to be maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary manner. It is the responsibility of the landlord to monitor the property to insure that it is properly maintained. If you are not located in the area you should designate someone to act in your behalf. The Borough has been actively enforcing property maintenance codes.

NJ State Law prohibits you from performing any plumbing or electrical work in a unit that is not your principal residence. You must hire State licensed professionals for any work of that nature and obtain the necessary Construction permits.

You should inform your tenants of garbage pickup and bulk item pickup schedules or direct them to call Borough Hall for this information.