Style: The Evolution of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have a traditional elegance to them that has made them a great alternative to blinds and curtains. These shutters have long been highly popular as a classy look to replace blinds and curtains. Their usefulness for blocking light while looking attractive is among the main reasons more homeowners are once again beginning to install these in place of alternatives.

When Did These Shutters Come Into Fashion For The Home?
Many likely conclude they first came into fashion during the 1800’s when plantation style homes became common. Yet these window treatments were used as far back as ancient Greece. From that time until the present this style of shutter has remained popular.

How Do These Shutters Benefit The Home Owner?
1) They last a very long time and work very well during that time.
2) They can help in improving ventilation over other alternatives.
3) They are easy to install and remove.
4) They offer superior light control over alternative window treatments.
5) They are easy to maintain and keep clean.

Long Ago These Plantation Shutters Were Used Instead Of Windows

In ancient Greece, there were no windows because glass had not yet been invented. For this reason, this type of shutter was used to help reduce the amount of insects that could enter the home. They were also used to control the amount of light that could come in.

The Greeks would sometimes make these indoor shutters from marble which made them strong and durable. Because of limited technology the shutters were not made with mechanisms that made them easy to open and close. The modern ones can easily open and close to whatever degree the homeowner wishes.

Discover The New Plantation Shutter

If we fast forward to early America many architects from the U.S. were inspired by the Greeks and their architecture. This inspiration found its way into the buildings of banks, government buildings, and offices. In those days mansions on the plantation also used them. They gave added security and privacy in addition to their other uses.

Plantation Shutters Most Important Benefits

Although there are no more plantations and the homes that were built there are getting old, this style of shutter is increasing in popularity. Many different styles of homes and most particularly the modern Southern mansion can still greatly benefit from this window treatment.

These shutters add security, increase insulation around the windows and aid in controlling the amount of light that enters through them. Blocking the sun in the summer helps reduce cooling cost and insulating against the cold draft of winter decreases heating cost. Aaron from Design Plantation Shutters Sydney says “polymer foam shutters add extra insulation and are also great in wet areas”.

Making Your Plantation Shutters Uniquely Your Own With Customization

This style shutter can easily by customized. They can be made to fit most any size frame and can come in any color and shape. The fixtures of the shutters come in a choice of sizes ranging from 2.5 to 5.5. These days they also come in a range of colours as well as stained timber. The coated shutters can be made of basswood or polymer foam – both of these come in a range of colours.

Plantation shutters outlast many other alternatives and provide added security and elegance to any home. This is a wise investment in both contemporary and traditional homes. In addition to the look and added conveniences, they increase the overall value of the home.